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Constant changes in Sales & Use Tax laws can make keeping up burdensome.
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I Colorado State and Home-Rule City Sales & Use Tax I

Welcome to Sales Tax Colorado

Sales Tax Colorado LLC is a highly specialized team of sales tax professionals focused on Colorado State, state-collected cities and counties, special districts and home rule cities’ sales and use tax issues.

What about other states? We have the resources to handle multi-state issues as well. The principles and framework for understanding sales and use tax are generally the same with a handful of states like Colorado that have extra complications. Though were not directly experienced in all states, we can still help with many issues. There will still be times when it’s best to involve local experts.

We know many companies, large or small, just do not have the resources handle all of their sales and use tax compliance needs, audits and special projects. Let us know what you need.

What makes Colorado so difficult? Colorado is one of only six states (AL, AK, AZ, CO, IL and LA) with home-rule jurisdiction which gives municipalities authority to administer and levy their own sales and use taxes. Home-Rule cities’ definitions, exemptions, enforcement, court cases and rates often differ from Colorado State and state-collected (Statutory) cities and counties and special district’s statutes and regulations. This places a significant compliance burden upon companies doing business in Colorado, especially when multiple locations are involved.

Why choose us? Sales and use tax is what we handle day in and day out, and Colorado is our primary focus. We apply our knowledge to help you. Alternatively, ignoring sales and use tax issues or relying upon old information can be very costly. Facing audits alone in any state is often daunting, stressful and risky. Sales & Use Tax laws are complicated and ever changing. Doing business in Colorado or multiple states further complicates the issues with significant financial and potential personal liability risks.

Whether you just received a Notice of Audit, a Notice of Deficiency, a Nexus Questionnaire, disagree with your auditor, or just want to know how to properly handle your sales and use tax obligations, we will give your company and your concerns our focused attention. After your initial needs are met, call on us on an as-needed basis so we can get to the core issues more quickly.

We don’t know everything about sales and use tax, and we’re not directly experienced in all areas, however; we have the framework, the contacts and the affiliate relationships necessary to address your issues and to pursue your rights and alternatives. We are problem solvers. You choose the level of our involvement ranging from providing your staff with coaching and guidance on handling issues to our detailed full involvement in resolving the problems.

What are your priority issues, and when do you want them resolved?

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your Sales & Use Tax issues.


Sales Tax Colorado is positioned for growth. Please consider working with us or submit your resume for consideration by other firms seeking to fill sales tax positions as we secure the expertise required to expand our services with skilled professionals and to supply the industry with competent resources.

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