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Constant changes in Sales & Use Tax laws can make keeping up burdensome.
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Case Studies

STC Saves Pediatrics Practice 61.5% on Audit Assessment!
Accounting Firm Calls on STC for Specialized Sales and Use Tax Services
An accounting firm contacted STC for help for their Pediatrics Practice client after a use tax assessment was issued. Being a service provider, they didn’t have to file sales tax returns. They consulted with accountants and attorneys for over a year before forming the practice, but no one advised them of use tax. They were assessed on the initial fixed assets and subsequent purchases including certain medical supplies. Some were exempted by the state, but not the home-rule city performing the audit. No use tax return was ever filed so there was no statute of limitation protection. The auditor thus went back 10 years to day one of operations.>>> continue

Audit Settlement Brightens Denver Florist!
Florist Saves 58% on Audit Assessment

A long-time Denver florist contacted Sales Tax Colorado LLC for last-minute audit help. Denver had assessed tax interest and penalties on all delivery charges regardless of location, on some wire service charges and on floral enhancers, exempt sales lacking proper documentation, occupation privilege tax and other items. The florist had been filing returns for many years, but was never audited previously.

The auditor had agreed to remove some items and to waive penalties, but no further progress was made on disputing the proposed assessment. STC contacted the auditor and supervisor, presented arguments and negotiated further reductions.>>> continue


Sales Tax Colorado provides a variety of solutions to businesses facing Sales & Use Tax issues. Following are some scenarios designed to keep business leaders on their toes when it comes to understanding and handling Sales & Use Tax issues.

Scenario I:
Have you been notified that you will be facing an upcoming Sales Tax audit, or have you recently received an unexpectedly high Sales Tax assessment and don't know what to do next?

Solution I: Audit Defense

Scenario II:
Are you currently unregistered in one or more states in which you do business, and growing uneasy and concerned about the possible extent of prior Sales Tax exposure in those states?

Solution II: Exposure Resolution (e.g., Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA), Streamlined Sales Tax Registration, Anonymous negotiations with states, Letter Ruling Requests, etc.)

Scenario III:
Are you uncertain about the taxability of your products and services as it applies to the execution your current business model? Based upon this model, are you aware of which states you may have business nexus, requiring you to register for Sales Tax?

Solution III: Taxability Matrices and Nexus Reviews.

Scenario IV:
Are you considering investing in or purchasing a company and want assurance that the target company owes no material unpaid Sales Tax liabilities, or are you considering an initial public offering (IPO)?

Solution IV: Due Diligence.

Scenario V:
Do you think you may have overpaid Sales Tax on your company's purchases?

Solution V: Reverse (Refund) Sales Tax Audit.

Scenario VI:
Are you concerned there may be gaps in your Sales & Use Tax compliance process resulting in possible material liability exposure or overpayments?

Solution VI: Planning/Operational Review.

If you answered YES to any of these scenarios, please call Sales Tax Colorado to discuss your thoughts and receive our feedback on possible custom solutions to address your challenges.

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